Estate & Business Planning            

We are a full-service estate and business planning law firm working to provide Peace of Mind to our clients and their families.  We are committed to personal service, using a variety of legal techniques suited to each individual client’s needs, goals and personal situation.


Services include legal consultation and the preparation and implementation of:

•  Revocable Living Trusts

•  Wills

•  Life Insurance Trusts

•  Family Limited Partnerships

•  Charitable Trusts

•  Limited Liability Companies

•  Corporations

•  Buy/Sell Agreements

•  Business Succession Plans

•  Purchase or Sale of a Business

•  Additional Practice Areas:

•  DUI Legal Assistance

•  Criminal Defense Attorney

Denver: 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 1511 • Denver, CO 80212     ♦     (303) 914-1111
Loveland:  1624 Topaz Drive • Loveland, CO 80537     ♦     (970) 663-5206